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Kero Numerology – Getting Started With Kero Numerology Numbers

Kero (or Cheiro) numerology is one of the most popular branches of numerology and is supposed to be linked to the Chaldean School of Numerology. The Chaldeans are an old community of people, who were the rulers of Babylonia during 625-539 BC time period. The Chaldean people were famous for having a numerology system that detected the energy changes in a person when people around him/her speak or interact. This is another reason why Chaldean numerology is also commonly referred to as Kero or Cheiro numerology.

In fact, some other numerologists also address this system as Mystical numerology and claim that this is one of the most precise forms of numerology, despite being not so popular. Its unpopularity is attributed to the fact that it is comparatively a more difficult system to understand and master than the other numerology system.

But the unpopularity of the Chaldean system should not be mistaken for the same for the Kero numerology system. Kero numerology is one of the most popular systems out there. It has originated from the ancient communities of Chaldeans and Egyptians, who were absolute masters in finding the meaning behind numbers and assigning them to our real lives.

The word ‘Cheiro’ is derived from the word cheiromancy, which means the art of reading palms. Cheiro was the alias of an Irish man called William John Warner. He was a famous astrologer and occult figure in early 20th century Ireland. Cheiro also published a book called Cheiro’s Numerology, which extensively talks about this school of numerology.

How Does Kero Numerology Work?

Kero numerology has a unique and specific feature that the Kero number is derived from the name of the person by which he is mostly known. Every alphabet is assigned a number, and you are supposed to calculate your Kero number with the help of those assigned values. Every number has its own meaning. After calculating the Cheiro number by adding the Kero values of all the alphabets in your name, it is interpreted to predict the future or to understand the nuances of your life.

After the Kero number derived from the name, the second most important factor in Cheiro numerology is your birthdate. This number is specifically derived from the date of the month you were born on. This is considered to be a really important factor because it is an unchanging constant. A person might go through name changes in his/her life because of certain events such as marriage or adoption, but the birthdate never changes.

What Are Kero Numbers? 

Kero (Cheiro) numbers are supposed to have originated in India, from the Hindu culture and then moved on to Europe and the Middle East. This system consists of numbers from one to eight, each of them having a unique meaning behind itself.

This is a major difference from its Pythagorean counterpart, where the number system comprises numbers from one to nine. But in Kero numerology, the number nine is supposed to be angelic and is only used on rare occasions. The number zero is also unique, as it does not have any specific value of its own, but when it is added after any other number, it becomes extremely significant. 

Kero Numerology Number Values

Kero Numerology Books

Kero Numerology Chart – Getting Started 

You can easily get started with Kero numerology on your own, with the numerical values given above. Let us take an example of a person named Alyssa, then the Kero number will be calculated as follows,




If the number derived is not a single-digit number, then you add the digits of the number calculated in this way,


Hence, 3 is the calculated Kero number for this name. The two-digit number also has a specific meaning, but that would be too complex if you are just starting. 

Software’s for Kero

The internet has an abundance of kero numerology software. But if you are looking for competent software, you should prefer one with forecast abilities to guide you with career, love life and family life predictions, lucky gemstones, dates, numbers and colors.

It should also come with a supportive database management system so that you could store yours as well as other people’s data. And the last measure is that it should have the tools that would guide you about your compatibility with others. 

Best Kero Numerology Books

One of the best books to start with would be Cheiro’s Numerology, a book written by Cheiro himself. This is a great book because it talks about this number system’s background, origin, the significance of the numbers, and well-researched reasoning behind the numerology phenomena.

Another great book is Cheiro’s Book of Numbers, which is again authored by Cheiro. This book teaches you how to see your own numbers and predict your future. It is all about the great power that lies in numbers. This book also specifically talks about the most dreaded numbers, four and eight.

Cheiro’s Guide to the Hand is another original work by Cheiro himself, published in 1900. Cheiro was the most known for the art of palm reading. And in this book, he talks about this art of palm reading, covering every aspect from the size of your fingers, to the meaning behind the lines on your palms.

Lastly, there’s this book called Book of Fate and Fortune – Cheiro’s Numerology and Astrology which focuses on the crucial role of numbers in our life. This book is also different in the fact that it predicts and explains how certain places or times can be lucky for an individual. It also divulges information about the misconceptions about numbers floated by some astrologists, or palm readers. 

And now you are ready to dive into the world of Kero numerology!

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